We help brands take back control!

As DCA Food, we are part of Lean Scale, Dubai based digital venture builder.

We work to make local and international restaurant brands stronger! We help them to succeed in an online world where competition is rapidly increasing.

Started to work with restaurant brands in GCC area (mainly in Dubai), today we are delivering our service to brands in other countries, including USA and European countries, as well.

Founders of DCA (Digital Commerce Accelerator) believe that local and international brands should be supported by technology to grow their businesses sustainably and in their own terms. With the help of DCA, instead of paying high commissions to third-party platforms, brands can increase and retain their customer base through their own commercial channels.

In other words, we help brands to take back control!

Strong results with branded experience and custom analytics with DCA Food

Run your business with your own brand's image! Have your daily reports and see the data that you need to improve your business!



Perfect user experience will bring you more orders, increase your repeat customers with larger basket sizes.


Branded Experience

Our team makes sure your website and app platforms have your brand's image with the best customer experience.



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